Aghor Foundation

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Sonoma Ashram Foundation sponsors programs for public benefit through Aghor Foundation in Varanasi, India. The following family of social service initiatives is flourishing in the sacred city of Varanasi:

Bal Ashram

Safe home where previously abandoned and orphaned children thrive in a culturally rich setting.

Amrit Sagar


Educational environmental center demonstrating and teaching sound practices and sustainable methods.

Anjali School


Serves nearly 250 street children who might not otherwise have access to education.

Project Shakti

Eye Hospital Vision Vanaransi

Vocational training and micro loan program for underprivileged women to acquire skills and earn livelihoods.

Vision Varanasi

Eye Hospital Vision Vanaransi

Recently opened Vision Varanasi Eye Hospital hospital is equipped to provide quality care to the underserved in the community and bring eye clinics to remote areas.

Shanti Niketan

Shanti Niketan Shelter Home for Orphan, Street, and Needy Girls

In Hindi “Shanti Niketan” means “abode of peace.” It was this ideal of a safe and loving environment that inspired the creation of this hostel for girls and young women at risk.