The Lineage of Avadhuta Siddhas of Kashi (Varanasi)

The timeless lineage of Avadhuta Siddhas of Kashi has been flowing like the Ganges of wisdom from time immemorial. Kashi (Varanasi) is known as the City of Shiva. This lineage of the Avadhuta Siddhas of Kashi has emanated from Lord Shiva himself and has produced great saints. From the time of Aghor Bhairavacharya (5th-6th century), this lineage had continued in a sleepy state, as if embers under ashes.


In the 16th century Baba Kinaram, after receiving darshan with Bhagwan Dattatreya in Girnar mountains, awakened it for the welfare of the humanity at large and embers hidden under the ashes began to glow again. In the presence of Baba Kinaram spontaneous relief was received by the suffering, answers to questions came automatically, and mind experienced calmness naturally. One would experience the higher Self merely by being in his presence. Baba Kinaram traveled far and wide in all the four corners of India and witnessing the suffering of people, engaged himself whole-heartedly in alleviating their suffering.

Finally on the bank of the river Ganges in Varanasi, he established his dhuni (sacred fire) and continued his sadhana of service. The akhand dhuni (continuos burning fire) of Baba Kinaram and the samadhis of all the siddhas of the lineage in the same compound, are witness to the continuum of this intact lineage of Avadhuta Siddhas. Today, this yoga-bhumi (land of sadhana) of Avadhuta Siddhas of Kashi ( Varanasi ) is called Krim Kund. The recorded history of the Siddhas who headed the ashram in Varanasi at Krim Kund after Baba Kinaram is as follows:


  1. Baba Kalu Ram (Bhagwan Dattatreya)
  2. Aghoraacharya Baba Kinaram (16th century)
  3. Baba Bija Ram
  4. Baba Dhouta Ram
  5. Baba Gaibi Ram
  6. Baba Bhavani Ram
  7. Baba Jainarayan Ram
  8. Baba Mathura Ram
  9. Baba Saryu Ram
  10. Baba Dal Singar Ram
  11. Baba Rajeshwar Ram
  12. Baba Siddharth Gautam Ram

In this lineage of Avadhuta Siddhas of North India, Baba Bhagwan Ramji emerged as an Aghoreshwar for our modern times. He was among us in his body until 1992. Heeding to the call of our time, Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ramji gave a new turn to this safeguarded tradition of Siddhas and expanded its field of activity. He opened up and availed the teachings and practices of Avadhuta to the all-sincere seekers, renunciates and householder alike.

Inspired by the teachings of Aghoreshwar, today there are over one hundred and fifty centers through out India and a few in other countries, actively engaged in the sadhana of service. Baba Siddhartha Gautam Ram is the mahantha of Krim Kund, the Avadhuta seat of Varanasi today. Baba Priya darshi Ramji, Baba Gurupad Sambhav Ramji and Baba Siddhartha Gautam Ramji are elder disciple monks of Baba continuing his work in India. A handful of other young monks of Baba are also in India engaged in their sadhana of service. Baba Harihar Ramji has established two Ashram s, one in Sonoma, CA, USA, and a second in Varanasi, India (Bal Ashram). All the Ashrams are working in cooperation with each other to maintain the ancient tradition as well as to take a freshly motivated direction towards social services and the integration of the essence of the Avadhuta into the life of the community.